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  • Cell Phone Radiation is more dangerous than smoking and asbestos: TRUE
  • Brain Tumors are the #1 Cancer killer among children in the USA: TRUE
  • Cell phone usage has been linked to cancer growth: TRUE

Some Interesting Facts About Cell Phones:

  • World Health Organization: Cell Phone Study Reveals Possible Cancer Link (From
  • Maine to consider cell phone cancer warning (From MSNBC)
  • That there are 1.35 billion cell phones in use in the world today? (according to Slate)
  • That up to 60% of the radiation emitted by a typical cell phone, (enough to cause heating), could be absorbed by the user's head?
  • That depending upon conditions (i.e. distance from cellular tower, buildings etc.), the waves emitted by your cell phone can travel as far as 50 miles?
  • That recent studies show the possibility of serious bio-effects at exposure levels below the current exposure standards and that some cell phones cannot even meet these arguably inadequate standards?
  • That manufacturers could make the phones in such a way that less radiation would escape into the user's head, but most are unwilling to do so, apparently because to do so would cut into their profit, and acknowledge that there may be a potential health hazard?
  • That different brands and models of phones have widely different levels of emissions and only recently has the FCC began requiring the emissions levels be made public and stated in the paperwork of "every" new phone.
  • That Lloyd's of London (an insurance company based in London) recently refused to underwrite manufacturers of cellular phones, against possible future claims of microwave health damage?
  • That levels of radiation can build up in the human body.

Protect Yourself!

I recommend that you protect yourself now. Purchase a Cell shield today for yourself and everyone in the family. Then tell your friends and neighbors to do the same. Don't take a chance. Do it now.

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